Nearview Releases Beta Web App of Spectral Library Information System (SLIS)

There is a new spectral library in town! Nearview has released its beta web app . This open-access library is currently focused on macroalgae (aka, seaweed) and intertidal resources in the northeast US. The library is now open for browsing, registration, data contributions, and downloads.

Climate change, sea level rise, coastal development, and fishing/harvesting are all impacting intertidal and nearshore natural resources. There is an immediate need to improve access to remote sensing and earth observation data to monitor the health of these resources and ensure sustainability.

Speclib is unique in that it couples spectra with biological samples – data that can be used to model e.g., biomass and blue carbon. We welcome your feedback and comments on the UI so we can improve usability and access by the earth observation community. We have also provided a spectroradiometer translation service, and a REST API so you can integrate data directly into your own workflows.

We can provide one-on-one demos to walk you through all aspects of the interface. We can also tailor the library to meet your geographic and resource areas of interest – speclib is not limited to the northeast US or seaweed, and we would hope to see expansion of speclib to other areas and natural resources. Contact us to discuss your specific project and needs.

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