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Nearview specializes in using aerial drones to improve the world around us. We focus on supporting natural resource management, infrastructure projects, alternative energy initiatives, cultural research, and environmental justice campaigns.

Every one of our solutions is customized per assignment, and we always collect information quickly, inexpensively, and in astounding resolution so that today’s scientists, developers, researchers, and advocates can make informed, impactful decisions.

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Natural Resources

It’s critical to understand and protect our natural resources.

We help ecologists, biologists, wildlife conservationists, state parks, land trusts, and landowners unobtrusively access and document the natural landscape.

Survey/map the health of flora, fauna, wetlands, shorelines, vegetation, bogs, forest canopies, etc.

Assess rural/farm/agricultural sites; analyze soils, crops, and irrigation systems to improve yields.

Collect volumetric measurements to monitor stockpiles and manage earthworks.

Document, assess, and monitor animal habitats and populations.

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Cultural Resources

Aerial drones and remote sensors improve our understanding and preservation of cultures past and present.

We offer the following solutions to help you get to the root of your research.

Document and render 3D-models of historic structures and cultural landscapes.

Survey, assess, and monitor excavations and monuments of note.

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Engineering & Construction

It takes centimeter-level accuracy to correctly plan complex infrastructure projects or carry out routine maintenance inspections.

We survey and document the condition of bridges, buildings, historic architecture, and landscapes.

Photograph, scan, and digitally reconstruct buildings and work sites before, during, or after development.

Create topographic surveys, document as-built conditions, etc.

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Land Use Planning

Land use planning is critical to ensuring the long-term health, use, and value of areas rich in natural and cultural resources.

We provide cost-effective aerial documentation and unmistakable evidence that your land use and development activities comply with applicable state and local land use standards. Applications may include:

Acquiring ‘current conditions’ information and evaluating land suitability for development.

Mapping changes in the percentage of impervious surface.

Assessing the resilience of subdivisions and how homes are located in relation to flood or fire hazard zones.

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Renewable Energy

Properly harness naturally occuring power sources, maximize investment returns, drive down permitting costs, and avoid safety hazards.

Our site/structure reports help assess project feasibility and mitigate installation issues.

Pre- and post-installation inspections of all PV system surface conditions and materials, including; quantified shade analysis, landscape or roofline and valley measurements, pitch and area of roof facets, and location of vents, pipes, and HVAC.

Assess turbine site locations, from the inspection of the turbines themselves to any associated facilities.

Don’t miss out government incentives and rebates; our reports will help you meet your requirements.  

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Response & Advocacy

Emergency responders, journalists, and environmental and social justice groups succeed when they can see, document, and show the full picture of an issue.

We provide access and information that counts when it matters most.

Assess, monitor, and respond to the conditions following a disaster.  

Collect important information about any large-scale problem, and use viewshed analyses and visualizations to help educate the general public.

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