Professional Aerial Drone Photography, Video, Survey and Mapping Services

Our mission is to provide businesses, government agencies, and individuals with high-quality aerial data including video, photography, photogrammetry, and multi-spectral imaging products, as well as survey-grade data for environmental, scientific, engineering, land-use planning, and real estate applications.

Aerial Drone Services:

  • Environmental Survey: Conduct natural and cultural resource surveys of flora, fauna, wetlands, soils, historic buildings, and archaeological sites
  • Engineering & Construction: Photograph, scan, and digitally reconstruct buildings and work sites with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Solar: Roof and landscape site assessments for solar installations, including roof condition assessment, roof pitch and surface area documentation, shade analysis, and thermal inspection
  • Landscape Survey: Topographic surveys, inspections, activity monitoring, and 3D reconstructions of agricultural, rural, and urban landscapes
  • Mining & Aggregates: Volumetric measurements to monitor stockpiles and manage earthworks
  • Real Estate: Aerial photography, cinematic video, and 3D modeling for residential and commercial real estate in New England

Key Benefits of Aerial Drone Survey:

  • Fractional cost of traditional aerial acquisition
  • Rapid deployment and response times
  • Flexible and scalable to project requirements
  • Higher resolution and accuracy than fixed-wing aircraft or satellite imagery
  • Survey performed by certified pilots (14 CFR Part 107) and scientists
  • Conveniently and centrally located in Portsmouth, NH. Rapid deployment
    anywhere in New England (ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT) in less than 4 hours