Residential and Commercial Solar Rooftop Survey

Drive down solar permitting and structural reporting costs with our aerial pre- and post-installation inspections, and increase safety by keeping inspection crews off rooftops.

We  provide baseline site plan information needed for permits and structural reports including:

  • Measurement of all roof lines and valleys
  • Pitch (e.g., 10:12) and area (in ft2) of all roof facets
  • Location and # of roof vents, pipes, and HVAC systems
  • High resolution photographs of roof conditions and materials
  • DXF output for CAD integration
  • Rapid turnaround with deliverables provided within 1-2 days of survey

Get the incentives and rebates you deserve for your renewable energy project! Government incentive and rebate programs for installation of PV systems typically require:

  • Photographs of the installation site (pre- and post-installation)
  • Quantified shading analysis

Our shade analysis and solar feasibility report includes:

  • High-resolution aerial imagery of installation site
  • Annual Solar Access Shade Percentage
    • TSRF (Total Solar Resource Fraction)
    • TOF (Tilt and Orientation Factor)
    • Summer %, Winter %
    • Tilt, Azimuth, Solar Access Viewshed Heading
  • Solar Access Viewsheds
    • Shade analysis map
  • Monthly Solar Access Shade Percentage
    • Chart of monthly solar access (%)

Thermal Imaging and Inspections

Is your PV system installed correctly, and are you maximizing returns on your investment? Visual inspection is both time and financially prohibitive, particularly for large installations. Post-installation and annual aerial thermal inspections can help to detect hot spots, production defects, or installation issues.

Please contact us about your solar project, and for pricing information.