Expertise in aerial remote sensing, environmental science, and natural and cultural resource management

Nearview was established in 2015 to provide government agencies, businesses, and individuals with professional aerial drone survey and mapping solutions that are affordable, flexible, and with rapid mobilization and response times to meet project and client needs. Services include aerial photography, video, photogrammetry, multispectral and thermal imaging, and 3D topographic and landscape modeling for environmental, scientific, engineering, land-use planning, and emergency or disaster response applications.

Based in Portsmouth, NH, Nearview deploys light unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for a number of industries and applications, providing clients with rapid response and flexible delivery of digital products via a secure and scalable Content Delivery Network (CDN). From mission planning to product delivery, Nearview provides Quality Assurance and Control for all its operations and products. Flight operations, data collection and processing, and delivery of end-user products are directed by FAA qualified (Part 107) remote pilot and scientists. All Nearview operations are fully insured.

Stefan Claesson, Ph.D., is the principal scientist and owner of Nearview. He has worked as an environmental scientist in New England for nearly 25 years. His research interests include cultural and natural resource management, sustainable development, and maritime archaeology and history. He specializes in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and remote-sensing applications on land and under water. Stefan received his PhD in Natural Resources in 2008 from the University of New Hampshire. He has worked on projects across the US Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, Caribbean, Latin America, Canada, Asia, and Europe.

Stefan Claesson, Ph.D.
Nearview, LLC
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